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Introduction to Energy Management



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Course Duration

1 Day

Introduction to Energy Management

The purpose of this one-day training is to introduce participants to the fundamentals of energy management and to practical skills that can be used in a professional context. This course also offers energy technology alternatives that your company might be able to use, such as solar or heat pumps.

Ignoring energy management principles could result in you spending more on energy than your competitors and more than is essential to maintain your business operations as the push to decrease carbon emissions grows and energy costs for businesses soar. The goal of this training is to get your company started on the road to learning energy management principles and lowering energy use, which will lower costs.


No prior knowledge is necessary for this course, which serves as an introduction to energy management for those who are neither energy managers or experts in the industry. It is advised for people who are either taking on this job on behalf of their company or who have been given responsibility for energy management as part of their current role. It is appropriate for senior managers and directors who want to learn more about this subject that is becoming more and more essential, as well as managers who have been asked to take part in energy saving in their company.


In order for participants to comprehend the foundations of energy use, be able to examine some realistic possibilities for energy solutions, and learn the fundamentals of energy management, this course aims to provide an introduction to energy management for businesses.


  • What is Energy Management?
  • What is Energy and how is it delivered?
  • Energy Bills and Commercial Contracts
  • Energy and Carbon Policy
  • Energy Technology and Application
  • Energy Management Process


Delegates’ understanding of energy management will have enhanced upon successful completion. They will be able to create a fundamental energy strategy and policy, as well as grasp some methods for lowering energy use in their company, all of which should result in lower total energy costs.

Why chose an in-house course?

They are more cost-effective and can be tailor made to closely meet your unique requirements.

Course delivery and course leaders

Our course instructors have a wealth of experience in quality management in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, services, and professional organisations like local, national, and international governments. Due to their extensive expertise, they are able to add interest to the course by providing pertinent examples and case studies throughout workshop discussions.