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Practical Waste Management & Waste Minimisation



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Course Duration

1 Days

Practical Waste Management & Waste Minimisation

This course is a part of the environmental sustainability suite of training courses created to help organisations support their environmental sustainability goals. With a minefield of waste legislation, rising waste costs, and customer and other stakeholders demanding improvements on environmental performance

The course will help your business or organisation save money on trash disposal costs while also promoting compliance and fostering a culture of more sustainable waste and resource management.

Based on the kind and volume of trash produced, each organisation manages it in a unique way. This training is intended for participants whose primary responsibility in their firm is waste management and whose decisions have the potential to significantly alter routine and policy.


All those who are in charge of making sure waste management is done lawfully and those who want to better understand the waste laws that are already in existence. Additionally, it is helpful for those looking to enhance their company’s waste management. Those who are attempting to set up waste minimization programmes, maybe as part of their sustainability aims or in businesses with ISO 14001 as part of their ongoing improvement plan.


  • Waste as a resource
  • What is waste?
  • Legislation and ensuring compliance
  • Completing waste documentation
  • How to identify opportunities for waste minimisation in the workplace
  • How to demonstrate improvements
  • Managing resources and waste in the workplace
  • Understanding and applying the waste hierarchy
  • The cost of managing waste
  • How to manage a successful waste minimisation working group


  • The ability to recognise opportunities for resource and waste management improvement
  • The knowledge of where to improve and how to do so
  • The capacity to put those changes into practise and convince others of their benefits

Why chose an in-house course?

They are more cost-effective and can be tailor made to closely meet your unique requirements.

Course delivery and course leaders

Our course instructors have a wealth of experience in quality management in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, services, and professional organisations like local, national, and international governments. Due to their extensive expertise, they are able to add interest to the course by providing pertinent examples and case studies throughout workshop discussions.